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DIY Bokashi Compost Bin! It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

17.09.2020 4:20

Bokashi Composting is a great way to reuse all your household food waste but my only problem with it turned out to be the price. Ready made Bokashi composting bins cost closer to 100€ here in Finland and that wasn’t something I was ready to pay for the joy of composting my food waste. So I made my own DIY Bokashi compost bin! Here’s a comic I drew with handy diagrams on how you can build your own DIY Bokashi compost bin as well!

So what did I do? I took two buckets I already had in our home, and turned them into a DIY Bokashi compost bin! Only thing I had to buy for this first version of my Bokashi compost bin was the Bokashi bran. The Bokashi bran is the mixture that has the EM microbes Bokashi compost bins need to start and maintain the fermenting process. The cost of the Bokashi bran turned out to be only 14€, that means out of the 100€ ready made Bokashi compost set I now saved 86€!

I have later improved on this first Bokashi compost bin I made. The new one has a nozzle for draining out the juices the fermenting process creates! And you can believe me, as a fan of the Zero Waste movement, I didn’t want to buy anything to make the nozzle… but a friend of mine gave me an empty cheap wine box! I got the boxed wine nozzle and now my Bokashi set is better than ever before!

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So if a cartoonist can build himself a DIY Bokashi compost bin, it’s easy enough for anyone else too!