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Indie Cartoonist! You can write a Press Release too!

10.04.2019 7:06

This excerpt from my PDF guide ”Where to Promote Yourself?” has some valuable information about Press Releases to indie cartoonists! Check out my tips!

Press Release?

Yes, press releases need their own chapter. It’s a thing most webcomics artists don’t really do, but it’s very accessible and effective. Think about a social media post, 300 people see it, only 3 share it. But press releases? You send 20, and 5 publish it in their magazine/blog/ podcast/whatever! That’s some really good turnabout! Of course most will ignore your press release, but many won’t and it costs nothing to send one (if it does, it’s a scam. Don’t do it.) I mentioned Press releases on my Patreon for Small Creators too, but I never went into detail. People wanted more information about that especially, so here’s that.

What is a Press Release?

It’s basically just a short text that you can send to any kind of an media outlet for them to either just publish as it is, or to use as a base for writing their own story about you and your work. Press releases work best for projects that have something new and exciting. “H-P Lehkonen continues doing the same work he’s done for years.” isn’t much of a title for an article. But “H-P Lehkonen’s new comic talks about death of a shared partner in a polyamorous relationship!” sounds way more interesting!

Who can send a Press Release?

You. Literally anyone can send it. You don’t need to be a publisher, you don’t need to be established, you don’t need to be famous. You can send it. Of course being established or famous will help more media outlets pick it up and not just ignore it, but everyone can try send one!

How to write a Press Release?

My first advice is to go to Google and search “How to write a press release” on the language you want to send the press release in. Different countries might have a bit different style of doing things, but the basics are the same. (Also, here’s a free tip for anyone who’s from a small weird country: If you mess up a thing you should have known but you didn’t, blame it for the cultural differences and apologize. Has worked for me every time!)

The basic structure for the press release is something like this:
[NAME] is a [TITLE] who is now doing [PROJECT].
For more information: [CONTACT INFO].

You can and should go into more detail than that, but these are the things that need to be in a good press release. It’s good to start with small info on who you are, nothing too big, but also, don’t talk down on yourself. If you have made even one comic, you can write in “Local comics artist”. You’re not aspiring artist if you’ve done art. You’re just an artist. If you have previous projects, now is also a good time to briefly  mention those. This part shouldn’t be too long, because what’s actually important is the new project you’re working on. When you describe your new project, try to make it sound interesting. I already used my own comic After the Fog as an example earlier. Let’s use it again. Which one of these descriptions sounds better?

“After the Fog tells a story about a relationship and cancer. It tells a story of Mikko, Xan (short for  Alexander) and Sumu.“


“After the Fog is a story about a polyamorous trio where three become two after Mikko’s and Xan’s boyfriend Sumu dies of cancer. The story tackles both healing from the loss of a loved one and getting to actually know the remaining family you have.”

Both of these versions were written in less than 2 minutes, and I think you see what I mean. Try to find the most interesting part of your story and tell what that is. It’s also good to tell what the underlying themes are. Just telling it’s a story about cancer doesn’t sound as interesting as telling how you’re approaching the theme.

Have an illustration to go with it.

When I send a press release, I always add in a low resolution promotional picture they can use with no payment. For print publications I also send a drive download link to a larger version of the same image. Choose an image that captures the viewer. If you’re promoting a book, the cover is a safe bet. I also tend to write in that I only give them the right to publish the image once with credits to me.

But where to send it? More tips can be found on the actual PDF guide this is from! ”Where to Promote Yourself?”

Get it here:

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The PDF contains:
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