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Plant Lover Meme! Which Plant Parent Are You?

18.09.2020 | 10:22

Millenials love plants and memes, I know this because I’m a millenial! So here’s a plant meme for you, my dear friend! I have seen some common trends among my plant loving friends and I turned them into this meme / cartoon.

So are you a Trash Goblin who grows any plant in any pot? Or are you more like The Scientist who makes sure their plants are optimally watered and the air humidity is perfect? Or maybe, like many other unfortunate souls, you’re the Grim Reaper, who keeps buying new plants and they keep on dying on you. So, here’s the meme, which one are you?

I’m definitely the Trash Goblin. I have started growing plants in milk cartons I’ve cut open, because I just can’t keep buying new pots all the time… especially because I also want to live as sustainably as possible, so I don’t want to keep buying new things anyways. I am also using an old cooking pot as a planter, that one looks very cute!

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