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After the Fog

21.09.2018 | 5:58

Some of you might already know that I’m working on a new comic. The comic is called After the Fog and it’s a story of three polyamorous people, Sumu, Mikko and Xan. In the story, Mikko and Xan learn what they love about each other when all they’ve done has dated the same person.

Here’s some info of the characters from left to right:
Xan is a half Finnish, half Vietnamese trans guy. He’s lived all his life in Finland. He’s an activist and he’s currently unemployed. He might seem aggressive, but he’s still very kind. He kind of just has this resting bitch face.
Sumu is a trans man from Finland. He met with Mikko when they were both very young and Sumu still thought he was a girl. They got married too. They’re still together and in a polyamorous relationship with Xan.
Mikko is a cis bisexual guy who’s a computer engineer. Very decent guy, pretty quiet, but a nice fellow! He’s very trustworthy, but he has hard time making any decisions. But when he does make one, he keeps it for sure!

This is how the comic will work.

I am going to post the first pages, 1-8, to every possible place I can think of! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, HERE! But after that I will only be posting the new pages to my Patreon. I will still make the pages 9-12 free as public posts, but starting from page 13 the comic will be Patreon exclusive. It will only be $3/month, so no worries! And I will always promise to post at least 3 pages a month! About $1/page! Amazing, isn’t it!

Here’s a link to my Patreon so you can already go and add my Patreon to your follow list (that’s free by the way) so you won’t miss a thing for sure!

My Patreon

[Edit 7th May, 2019]

I have just been informed that After the Fog is nominated for PRISM Award! This means I want to make sure everyone sees the sneak peek… so I will put the free pages here too. Enjoy!

Aaaaand the rest? Well that’s available on Patreon for $3/month! Not much for such an awesome comic, right?