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Small Patreon Tips for Small Creators

16.08.2019 | 4:33

Here’s the last part of my Patreon tips. Part 4 of 4. You can find the earlier parts in my blog or just… download the ebook all this is from! It’s a free ebook! I think your life will be easier if you just get that, but I understand sometimes people just like reading stuff on a website. I’m trying my best to give people what they want… Anyways:

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TIP 10.

Wanna be a cult leader? Don’t.

One of the things that I’ve found very helpful is building a community around your Patreon. But I’m also against forming weird parasocial relationships with the people who are my customers! So instead of calling them fans, I call them what they are, readers and customers. A creator/customer relationship is healthy and fun! You can be nice to your customers and all, but I am not going to pretend I am the no.1 bestie of everyone who pays me. But all that being said, I have a Discord group for my Patrons and I do talk to them there regularly. In the beginning of my Patreon career I also personally sent emails to everyone when they first became a backer. I try to say everything in a way that I don’t sound like “Let’s be BFF as long as you pay me (NO THIS IS NOT A CULT YOU SILLY)” but more like “You are my customer and I care for you in a way that I want you to enjoy my product as much as you can!” Keep it healthy my friends.

TIP 11.

Put the link everywhere!!

Really, just put the link everywhere. No matter what you post, put the link to your Patreon on every image. It doesn’t have to be a big watermark, just a small text at the bottom. You will thank yourself for that in the end. And no, it’s not spamming to post different content with the same link! It’s different! You have the right to promote your own work!

TIP 12.

Answer your Patrons comments!

People already got anrgy at me for this once when I tweeted this, but If You Can’t Answer All the Comments You Get, Answer AT LEAST Your Patrons’ Comments!

People said I was being an asshole for only replying to the people who pay, but really… I am not the friend of everyone online. I am a small business owner and I have to put more effort into communicating with my paying customers. That’s just good business practice. I actually answer pretty much everything I get on social media, it’s only Webtoons where I get 400+ comments in a day and I can’t reply all. But I make sure to reply all Patreon comments because those people are paying customers. I try to treat them as such!

TIP 13.

Don’t try just once.

It’s storytime!

It was the end of year 2016, I was teaching a comics workshop in a small comics school in Lahti, Finland. I gave assignments to the students and while they were working on their comics, I started to work on mine. I had just launched my comic Immortal Nerd, which was my first paying full time comics job.

Another teacher from the school came to the room, his students were on a break and he came to greet me. We had never met before, because I was just a guest lecturer, not a full time teacher. As I said, my full time job was making Immortal Nerd for LINE Webtoon.

He asked me what was I doing. I told him I’m working on this comic I do as my dayjob. He responded: “You can’t support yourself with comics! I tried once! It was impossible!”

I literally just told him I was drawing a comic that’s my dayjob… It wasn’t impossible. But for him it was, and I already knew why. He had told me his reason.

“I tried once!”

Once is not enough. I have tried a hundred times with hundred approaches. Immortal Nerd was my 9th webcomic (and webcomics isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on!) It’s okay to feel like quitting, it’s okay to even quit for a while. And “anything is possible” is not that simple. Yes, anything IS possible, but it’s harder for some of us. I am a trans creator, it has taken me so much more to get work than my peers who are cis. But I am white. I have had things easier than my peers who aren’t! But I want you to understand that trying once is not enough and anything IS possible, even if for some of us that possibility is harder than others. Be realistic, see the structures that advantage/disadvantage you, work together and don’t stop trying.

TIP 14.

Read the rest of my guides.

I know, this one’s half a joke, half an ad, half true. I have written more guides than just this one (and a new one is on it’s way!) so let me link the pack where you can get the earliest version of this guide PLUS my Marketing guide and my Time Management guide for just $2!!


The tips on those guides are very comic oriented, but anyone on any field can use them. I just use my lived experience as an comics author as my source material.

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