H-P Lehkonen

Comics Artist from Finland


Interactive comic for social media, 2021.
Illustration about reading books to children, 2021.
Illustration about traffic pollution, 2021.
Illustration about COVID-19 lockdown, 2021.
Opinion piece about electric scooter rentals, 2020
Page no1 of my comic After the Fog, 2018.
Gardening illustration, colored by Paju Ruotsalainen, 2020
Illustration about mask use during the COVID-19 crisis, 2021.
Illustration about veganism, 2020.
Portrait of the Youtuber Hallease, 2020.
Illustration for Photoshop users, 2015.
Skater illustration, 2020.

H-P’s most recent projects:

Making Money from Webcomics
H-P worked as the project organizer in making the free PDF book Making Money from Webcomics. The 2 year project was finished in the Saari Residence funded by the KONE Foundation. The project was collaboration between 11 Finnish and international comics artists.
Life Outside the Circle
H-P’s newest Webtoon series Life Outside the Circle was started in December 2017 and finished a bit less than a year later. The comic is 43 chapters long story of romance, cultural differences and battling homophobia in rural Finland. The comic has also been awarded with a grant from Kauhajoki Culture Foundation.
Short Gay Stories
The PRISM Award 2017 winning book is now at it’s 5th print run. It is a collection of short queer comics and has been the bestseller of Cow House Press for over a year!
After the Fog
After the Fog is a subscription based personal project. A comic about a polyamorous trio who loses one of their members to cancer. The comic is currently ongoing and will be made into a book later.